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The World’s Most Challenging Health Crisis – Is Here With No Remedy

When I was a kid, I used to play a silly little game called Riddley Riddley Ree I see something you don’t see. People who know me call me a mad scientist. I suppose that is true. I am mad enough to study water and how it affects the human body for over eight years. Since our bodies are 70% water; filling it with the wrong liquids will naturally be detrimental to our health. I believe nasty water and the junk we drink causes most of our health problems and is the main culprit for the rise in cancer.

I used the right kind of water to cure my 30-year battle with crippling gout. Just water and nothing else. My wife was given a 98% chance of dying from pancreatic cancer. They cannot find cancer in her body for nearly six years now, and she chose not to do chemo or radiation. She is a walking live miracle. I can hear your stunned skepticism and understand it; even doctors don’t get it. It defies their blind training. Sometimes the world needs an un-conformed madman.

I hate alarmists and doomsday people. At the risk of sounding like one, were I given the opportunity; I would grab you by your arm in order to get you to listen to me for just 5 minutes. Please allow me to tell you what I see that is going to be globally devastating and is already appearing in people.


  • TIME MAGAZINE recently reported that 94% of ALL tap water in the United States contains plastic microns. We all know tap water is chemically polluted with chlorine, chloramine, lye and over 2000 pollutants. Now it is loaded with plastic microns. If you have not heard about the dangerous health emergency of PFOA and PFOS in drinking water; I urge you to look it up.
  • The EPA admits there are over 6,000 chemicals and plastic microns in ground water across the USA. Every drug, legal and illegal, from cocaine to birth control pills and heart medications have been flushed into ground water. Drinking that old-fashioned well water is like playing Russian roulette with your life. They all appear in tap water as well.
  • ORB reported recently that Bottled Water and sports drinks have contained plastic microns for years. The bottled water industry knew you were injecting plastic microns into your bloodstream with each swallow, and never warned you. Drink Up.
  • ALL bottled water is acidic based regardless of what the label says. Sports drinks are acidic based. Soda is acidic based. Cancer lives in an acidic environment and feeds on one thing: sugar. Diet soda = stroke + heart attacks + kidney + diabetes.
  • Science Labs reported that over 50% of the world’s population has plastic microns in their stool, and that’s the good news.
  • Here’s the bad news. It’s the smaller plastic microns that you did not pass that have entered your bloodstream. Plastic microns check in and they don’t check out. Plastic microns, cholesterol, and plaque is a deadly organ failure mixture.
  • Laboratory rats and mice were given water with plastic microns. The results were staggering and very concerning to scientists because it is a real-time event. Kidney failure, liver failure, heart and lung failure resulting in death.
  • The plastic industry has tried to turn our focus to a straw, but it is the 683,000,000,000 BILLION plastic bottles we throw away every year that has helped create the plastic micron nightmare. We have created our own demise by our lazy convenience of throw away plastics. We must STOP making the bottles.
  • All Seafood is infected with plastic microns. Everything you eat from shrimp to whales. By 2050 there will be more bottles in the ocean than fish. That makes me angry and fills my heart with sorrow. As responsible citizens of the world, we can do better.

Every swallow you take is going to affect your health for the rest of your life. I guarantee, you already have plastic microns in your bloodstream to some degree, and your body is going to need water until you die. If you are a bottled water drinker, you’re pretty loaded already. To what degree you start taking precautions right now, will determine your healthy future. The rats and mice dying from drinking water laced with small plastic microns were not some far out science test for a new drug or weird disease you’ve never heard of. They had no choice, but you do. Why drink plastic microns or chemically polluted tap water when you don’t have to? Look it up, organ failure is on the rise around the world. I assure you the present medical system is unprepared for what is coming.

I know you think you have time and that I am wrong.  I am not wrong, and you do not have time.

* I haven’t told you about the worst source of plastic microns that enter your body every day. Send me an email, it will shock you.  After that – I promise, I will let go of your arm.  [email protected]

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